My Goal To Be President

I realize that people find it shocking or unrealistic that I have a goal to be the United States commander and chief so I would like to explain why I have the goal and how it helps me to be a better person.

Setting High Expectation for Myself

When I set a goal for myself it is always to be the best whether it is possible or not. I aim far away and some would argue that my goals are setting myself up for disappointment and frustration. My response would be that I am not easily frustrated and I have fun working towards my goals. I have a tendency of making my goals almost unachievable and that's okay because at the end of the day my end position is always in front of where I started and I am better off. Even if I don't meet my expectation I will gain the experience and knowledge of trying.

Love For Politics

Maybe growing up in a family where politics was always a dinner conversation or maybe it's my strong interest in our democratic system by I have found myself reading article after article about politics since high school. Hot issues like gun laws, abortion, gay marriage, nuclear energy have especially caught my eye as I have formed what I feel are thought-out, educated decisions that are based on logic rather than emotions. When I make these decisions I really try to see both sides of the story, I try to put myself in the shoes of the both sides. And when I think through this on both sides and still can't understand why someone would feel the way they do about topics it makes me love politics even more, because I love the learn from these people that I don't understand at all. The more I learn about politics, the more I want to get involved and help change the political landscape for the better.

Making an Impact

Changing on our world has been a goal of mine since I was a child. I want to create something that will be remembered 1000 years from now and change the lives of millions. I want to help people have the means to live a better life. I want to find solutions to end homelessness, end world hunger, create peace where there is conflict, and create sources for clean water for the millions of people currently without it. I understand that these sound cliche but I do believe there are solutions to these problems that have yet to be found. I believe that I could help find these solutions.

What Are My Chances?

The quick answer: Unbelievable low; The long answer: I estimate at 1/100,000. I came this because I first have to weighed some pros and cons about where I come from, my generation, etc. I came up with a short list of reasons why I believe I have a chance (even if it's small):

  1. Starting young - How many 26-year-olds actually have the goal to be president? I would assume there would be at least a few but I believe that just having the thought in my mind longer than my opponents gives me better chances from the start since I have longer to prepare.
  2. Being a Business Owner - Having an entrepeurer background is something that I believe every should have. Running a country is like a running a business. Negotiating, planning, campaigning, and delegation are all things that I have been perfecting since I started my business and over the next 20 years I will only fine tune these skills.
  3. Confidence - I simply believe that I could do a better job. I believe I am smart enough, strong enough, and good enough to lead.
  4. Middle-Class Upbringing - I came from a place where I have seen how the top 1% live and I've seen how the bottom 10% live as well. I've heard the things that the super rich say about the poor and what the poor will say about the super rich. I believe being exposed to both sides of society has given me more insight than a majority of our politicians.

What If I Don't Make It?

If I don't make it it simply doesn't matter. The fun is trying and even if I make it half way that is still extremely successful.

This Helps Me Make Decisions

I use my goal of being president to help me make decisions about life decisions and it seems to help. When making a life decision I ask myself if it will help me become president to help guide me in the right path. An example of this was when I graduated college and I had the thought of continuing my education to get my masters and PhD in Computer Science (Dr. Brotsky would sound pretty cool). The two options that I narrowed down to were to either focus all my efforts on my business or to put part time effort in my business with my main focus on education over the next 5 years. Focusing on my business realitically meant many more professional opportunities like more income, ability to grow a larger team, and the time to plan out bigger and better things. Dividing my efforts between school and my business meant that I would come out of the 5 years with a Dr in front of my name which would definitely help me down the line but it would require a 5 year delay which could theortically be millions if/when things really take off. When it comes down to it, the way I made my decision was to look at what would have a better chance of helping me become president. Would it be a Dr in-front of my name or would it be a multi-million dollar that I built from the ground up. Long story short, I choose my business and I haven't looked back yet.

Thinking About My Actions

"If you don't want it printed don't let it happen."

I love this quote because it absolutely applies to our lives in the 21st century. Decisions that we make could very easily end up in the spotlight and making conscience decisions to prevent anything you don't want to be broadcasted is now a real thing. Ending up in the newspaper would be great but only if its for something positive.


In conclusion, I completely understand that a goal to be president has a very low chance of becoming reality but the benefits of having the goal outweigh the cons. In fact, I don't believe there are no cons.