Morning Workout Routine

I love circuit training and when I have the time I like to workout 6 days per week. This is my workout for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

To get started you are going to need to invest in some equipment or go to a gym that has the following:


1) Treadmill Hike

15 mins, highest incline

2) Band Bootie Squeezes

25 per leg

3) Band Forward Punches

30 fast reps

4) Bike - Medium Tempo

15 mins

5) Band Bi Curls

30 fast

6) DB Squat to Overhead Press

15 reps

7) Band Bent Over Wide Row

20 reps

8) Half Burpee - Plank

15 reps Hop feet out and hop feet in, hands stay on the ground

And... Repeat

When this gets easy for you just repeat.